Github changed the UI on their website today...
What are your views on the revamped design?

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    It's round and I don't like the right side bar.It make my eyes focuses on right side bar which I honestly think it's annoying.They should have make the side bar collapsible so I can make it disappear.
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    And of course Microsoft pushes changes to release without paying attention to feedback first. Not big surprise...
    Repository's name and navigation aren't aligned to content, which is so uncanny. It makes every shot look ugly, because of high reliance on browser width *in single place*. Plus sidebar pushes content to left column, which was not a thing for a while, and everyone was satisfied with centered content. Why not push sidebar on the side, as name implies? Instead it just takes space - could at least make releases sticky.

    What I appreciate is that latest Releases are now part of overview page. And tags with arbitrary length description taking place in sidebar make sense.
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    Looks terrible if my browser is maximized. If I shrink it to half the width of my screen, then it's somewhat tolerable, but when the window is maximized, the Code/Issues/PRs/etc. links are all way over on the left side, while everything else is centered in the middle and generously padded.

    If they want to go with a more vertical design, they should go all the way and move the entire top header to a vertical sidebar on the left, or something. Like Bitbucket and GitLab both have.
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    Ew, more reasons to move away from it.
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    It seems like setting the max-width of the header to match the max-width of the rest of the page (1280px) solved the biggest problem I had with the redesign, moving the header elements closer to the center where the rest of the page content is instead of leaving them way off in the corners away from everything else. This may be the first time I'll ever write my own Greasemonkey script if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

    I'm not a front-end dev. I am terrible at design and a complete amateur at CSS. I should not be able to fix UI problems this easily.
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    @vintprox I had access to the new UI 1 or 2 weeks before.

    They actually DID ask for feedback
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    @rutee07 where you headed? A local GitLab?
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    @LucasLarson I haven't decided yet.
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    Meh, really not too bad. I think some things are somewhat aggressively rounded and I wish some panels were collapsible, but it isn't awful.

    I don't know why they insist on wasting space though. They made the header (project name, code, issues, etc) full width but keep the content floating around in the middle with huge margins around it. Wouldn't a file grid benefit from more horizontal space?
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