What do you think about tech stocks? Are we in a bubble?

Looking at my Apple stocks wondering if I should take some out.... I think my profit jumped from 100% to 150% in the last few months... Been holding this for at least 5yrs but just check this morning and was like wtf.

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    What will make you more upset: you sell and it goes higher or you hold and it drops?
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    @spongessuck I only sold half.... But yes again I could made $1000 had I kept.

    But the problem is why would I go up, if there reason is just because crazy ppl are buying... That's not very good.

    I can't really see where Apple is going to get all this money from...
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    There are little tricks companies can do to legally start stock value booms, like investors slamming cash into the company to artificially increase the value or even "corporate buybacks" which is a loophole that allows insider trading.
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