I don't understand why there is such a hypocritic professionalism in tech industry.

In the careers page ,these companies show smiling people, party images , slides and shit. And while selecting resumes, they want to scan buzzwords to select a particular candidate and hate "actual" introductions.

Like, how would you like to meet someone in a bar , who introduces himself as " a super enthusiastic 10x engineer and a tech enthusiast with a knack of building scalable and industry recognized softwares in x tech for last y years". Dude, introduce yourself as a human not a bot.

There is a clear difference when we are talking about personal stuff and when we are talking about tech in real life, why not maintain that in your resume?

But no, just write a single sentence in first person p.o.v and next thing you know, you see tons of LinkedIn post about "how to write a 'professional' resume"

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    My oneliner is "i like functional programming, cats, iot apps, cats, distributed systems and most importantly, cats"
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    This is real wow! EyesOpened .com
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    "Introduce yourself as a human, not a bot." Hello, IBM?
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    It's because main thing companies want to see in a resume is how you can benefit their profit line. Because making profit is the whole point of a company.
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    "hypocritical professionalism"? Most sadly, it's the unlimited circus with con-artists - no need for vague terms.
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    @yellow-dog you would be my dream woman.
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    This question is really hard to answer. I think in every industry it is present. I even found out about professionalism, I used https://studymoose.com/free-essays/... for that. Hypocrisy is a broad thing and it's worth fighting against. Especially if you can see it in people's work. As for the technology industry, I can say that this is a rhetorical question.
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