How i love US companies and their tendency to just lazily send out a programming quiz as a part of the interview.

Look i swear i can make a fucking java bean, i just suck at coming up with algorithms okay?

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    Interviewing for a Javascript frontend position will do shit like that "implement <whatever algo>" <--- fucking why?

    For what its worth, I do believe that knowing and understanding algorithms and time complexities and everything of the sort is absolutely important. But I don't think making that shit as part of a test is fair or even remotely a quantitative measure of development skills because I don't consider them to be development.

    I can have a dude that creates the most amazing, fuck I don't know, implementation of the DFS algorithm, sweet, but the motherfucker will not know how to sanitize forms inside of a simple php app. Or I can have a master level php developer that needs to sit down eventually and have a deeper understanding on how said algos work. To me its simple and the whole idea of doing this shit has this huuuuuuge gray area rather than a pass/fail system.

    Fuck them dude.
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