tl;dr; A co-worker and I had an disagreement on our package structure. They went straight to our team lead instead of trying to solve this in our team and by that letting me do my job.

Do I overreact by assuming that this was malicious?

A co-worker asked me to do their code review today. There was nothing really wrong there, mainly something a bad generator created.

However at one point we had a disagreement about the naming structure of the packages. We both agreed to disagree, so I thought we could bring that up in the next daily, as it's something the team should agree on.

Shortly after that, they told me on Slack, that they relayed the matter to our team lead to get their opinion. Wtf.

My role in the team is that of a technical lead. Even though I like to discuss such topics in the team and not straight up dictate decisions.

By going directly to our team leader, they basically circumvented the whole team. This really rubs me wrong the way.

Maybe I'm just overreacting?

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    Time to overreact to the fullest, never bring in your own ideas anymore and always relay everything to team lead
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    Not overreacting.
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    Your reaction is fine. Such things should be discussed and decided within the team, as this is literally not your team lead's concern. Honestly, I find your coworker's action somewhat childish, running to your team lead like running to your mommy for comfort.

    Hopefully the team lead replies along the lines of: "Thanks for letting me know. Now discuss this among yourselves like the consenting adults you are, bye".
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    Thank you for the answers!

    I talked things through with them the next day. They apologized and told me, that their actions were not meant to be maliciously. They acted before thinking.

    Seriously? I'm not buying it. They are pretty young and inexperienced, but they aren't not that naive.

    I will be cautious from now on.
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    @Makenshi and thank you for the update!

    As an outsider it's difficult to judge, but given they're young and inexperienced they might still be "looking up" to "team lead senpai". At least that's what I'm hoping for, because it's easier to overcome for you as a team.
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