So, you took the opportunity when I went to the bathroom mid meeting cause of an emergency to say the code would be ready by tonight, even though you have not done 10% of what you need to do?

Good fucking luck with that. I already asked for the rest of the day off soooo
Let's see what you've got cunt.

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    Only thing worse is when some assclown asserts that I should not leave the meeting to use the restroom. My canned response to that is:

    "One, I'm an adult, I don't require permissions. Two, nothing you have to say is worth UTI."

    Also, in before @Root says we don't do #hasyhashhashtags, just comma delimited strings
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    @SortOfTested Heh, I will tell them explicitly about my current medical problems. You see there is this something something going on with nether areas that something something which causes something something. I have missed work because of this something something and it hurts like a bitch in my something something. Want to help me with that?
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    Nah, ounce of prevention and all that jazz.
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    Update: coworker did not finish her work at all, tried to blame everyone else on the team. My email and chat logs were a proof of her lies.

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