Worst recruiter experience wasn't mine, but it was one I overheard:

Buddy of mine who, like me, was older does a couple rounds of interviews at a nice place and gets a call back from the company recruiter. He puts the recruiter on speaker phone so I can hear too.

They are very nice and tell him they selected another candidate, bummer but no big deal.

Hey I the age of ghosting at least they called right?

He is still upbeat and asks if there was anything he could do better interview or technical stuff.

She tells him "We weren't sure you would fit into the culture."

This is a bit odd as this guy is outgoing and one of those folks that everyone loves being around and working with, just a naturally likeable guy.

He asks what she meant about culture fit and she responds "Well you're older..."

He thinks he misheard her and asks again "Your older and we don't think you will fit in that way."

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    Law prohibits discrimination by age. So normally they will not tell you about that hidden requirement you can't ever meet. It is the same for women in reproductive age.

    Almost all of that "company/team culture" reasons, are actually about some hidden requirement wich you could sue them for if they would tell you...
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    Weel, it's ok.

    For example some aid from research centers is only avalible to under 30 yo.

    It was one of major criteres in our las hiring : So we can get back at leats 75% of the salary.
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    I think he dodged a bullet. Such a "young people only" age distribtion usually indicates lots of BS that the devs are expected not to contradict and instead compensate for with lots of unpaid overtime. Something that young noobs are often too inexperienced to call out.
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    What @Fast-Nop said actually happened with my hellhole company. My manager said, "We don't need experienced hires." The majority are fresh graduates with huge egos. The few experienced ones, they drove away with politics and never-ending bullying because anyone who speaks up has an "attitude problem".

    In the end, everyone's working overtime. Inefficient people who live in the office are glorified and all the useful ones left. The client vanished. When there are issues, no one knows what to do and they expect to resolve things by staying late in the office as if a sudden wisdom would hit them at midnight.

    Now every time a company says "culture", I run away fast. They focus too much on extracurricular bullshit to mask the fact that they pay less, not remembering why they are there in the first place.
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    @rutee07 And that's what older and thus experienced devs would recognise from the get-go, which is why shit companies don't want them - they want to stay shitholes instead.

    Though some (!) older devs actually may have an attitude issue. In my first project in my current company, I was working with a very young dev who had much less experience than I had, but he was familiar with the project while I wasn't, so I gave him the technical lead. That's not what every older dev would do.
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