I am from third world, my neighbors thinks I make new accounts for TikTok and such.

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    I am from USA. With our misguided ideologies we are working hard to self destruct and return to our third world roots. My neighbors think all our other neighbors are racist because of marxist protesters.
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    I told someone I am an engineer. He asked if I can do data entry...Never been so offended in my life

    Yes of course, I do anything for money.
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    @brown I wrote a program to control another program to automatically do data entry, export xlsx, and combine data into single spreadsheet from multiple xlsx files into one xlsx.

    So yeah, I can kinda do data entry.
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    Why would having an ignorant neighbor have anything to do with being in the third world?
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    What's a third world? Isn't earth like the third world in our solar system? 😥
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    Third world facts. I live alone with 22, the security guys from the building find hard to believe I can live here being a computer scientist... last week I bought a refrigerator, I think they started to recommend CS as a career for their kids 😆
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