Exploring myself was always an existential dread for me, even in childhood.

For any arbitrary thing I always struggle to give straight answers to following questions:

Do I want it?

Do I like it?

The complexity of the topic itself doesn’t matter. From choosing what to eat to reading about ideologies, the fear and confusion remains.

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    Have you thought about tossing a dice or coin?
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    @rutee07 this comment right here, officer
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    I don't understand this. What exactly are afraid of? That you can make a bad choice? How does that work with the food e.g.? You choose wrong meal and then what happens? Or are you afraid that you have to stick with that choice in case someone asks you and then it turns out you don't like it?
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    @Pyjong no. The fact itself scares me. Liking something and not liking something else implies that you have a personality.
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