Apple heard I was switching iPhone and added some androidy features :)

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    As Android user.

    Andoird is SHIT.

    If I could have iOs on the phone of my choice and root for at least side load my own apps, I would switch instantly.

    Again : I have S10. Good phone. Shitty, buggy, laggy OS. Give me iOs on my S10 please ! I would even pay for that like 14-20$ / month
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    @NoToJavaScript dong give them ideas... Lol
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    Well, I woulkd pay 50$/month to have windows phone OS on my S10.

    Still have Lumia 920XL in working condition at home 9Switched as OS is no longer supported)
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    @NoToJavaScript part of why iOS runs so smooth is because it's hardware is specifically crafted for it and iOS only having to support that limited product palette
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    @NoToJavaScript You find android shit*

    That's not a fact, it's an opinion.
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    @NoToJavaScript Your fucking issue to choose fucking samsung UI shit. Its horrible piece of shit UI thats laggy and just horrible. AOSP UI is great. Fast and smooth. Just amazing.
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    @NoToJavaScript I was on my S8 before. It wasn’t bad but it was like a gift for graduating HS, and i wanted to see how good iOS is. For the most part it’s great.
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