So all u great web developers who use laravel. Do u use theme/template and build web pages / admin panels or do u do smth else...what about front end websites

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    I don't use themes really. Depending on the project I might use bootstrap or just some scss. If fancy frontend work is required I add Vue components as needed
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    I’ve been using all sorts from bootstrap, bulma and tailwind. I quite like tailwind at the moment, takes a bit of getting used to but it’s nice when you get the hang of it. But generally build stuff myself rather than using themes as they are pretty bloated.
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    What about front end....
    When you’re using laravel do u use the same project and make front end and portal views there itself
    Or front end is different
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    Ye still use tailwind for front end as well. I’m not too good with JavaScript and hat e one page applications but laravel bundled with vue are pretty good and there’s loads of videos if you go over to laracasts.
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