This developer at my company loves to criticise me - to make him self appear superior. Sometimes he’s ok, but a lot of the time he does what I can only describe as “scoffing”.

He didn’t understand what a parameterized query was, I explained it to him, and then he told me”I’m tying myself in knots” When I ask him how he would have done it better, no answer.

You don’t like how something is done and want it changed but offer no solution or when you do, you expect me to do the work.

It’s really draining me, having to deal with this every day.

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    This field is full of them.
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    @rutee07 fucking word, man
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    I never understand that kind of attitude, it just kills an office atmosphere.

    I give no fucks if another teammate sucks or is great, you support them.
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    The fun thing is, it wouldn't take but about 20 more words per exchange to turn that from confrontational to instructional.

    Hope all the neighborhood dogs shit on his porch :)
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