I did it, I know what the problem is. I want my boss to actually care about me as a person and growth rather than a cog for his system.

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    What? Bosses are not to be your friends. If they do, people will most likely lose respect. That's why some people are mean.
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    @Bybit260 who says making money has to be soulless and unconnected? Like, where is that in the rules?
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    I would certainly have more respect towards someone who shows technical depth, project planning and isn't a jerk than someone hounding on me to finish a task, regardless of how possible or impossible it is, on time.
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    I mean, I retain respect, and by extension productivity, among my subordinates by bringing it every day, constantly raising the bar, and not asking someone else to tow a line I won't tow.

    As a leader, you have to understand your people aren't working for you, they're working with you. Your job is hold the responsibility bag. If you're just a detached jerk, you're not getting respect, you're getting resentment with a side of self-preservation sauce.
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    @SortOfTested I've always seen my primary job as a manager or lead is to do everything I can to enable my team to do the best work possible.

    Faster machine? Be my guest. Flexible hours? Go for it, as long as you're available for standups and mark when you're not around in the calendar. Higher ups pushing down on you directly for an impossible deadline? Forward it to me, don't respond, I'll tell him to piss off. Conference or course you want to go on? If I've got the budget for it, by all means, if not then I'll see what I can do about grabbing some books and giving you a self study week instead. Massive screwup causing downtime? Write up a report, let's have a post mortem where no-one is blamed, and leave it to me to deal with the CEO.

    The above isn't always possible of course, and you get the odd person who takes the biscuit. But for the most part, that's by far the most effective way to run a team IMHO, and a great way to keep good people too.
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    @AlmondSauce wow you sound like a great boss! I'll keep dreaming haha
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    @SortOfTested "As a leader, you have to understand your people aren't working for you, they're working with you"

    I couldn't agree more. I've had so many asshole bosses who I'd love to slap some sense into. We have our jobs by choice, and we can revoke that choice. Is it really that hard to grasp we're not slaves you can do with whatever?
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    I think everybody misses understood me, I don't mean that bosses have to be jerks or anything. Just professional and respectful.
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    @AlmondSauce you really do sound like an awesome boss! Thank you.
    I'm lucky I currently have one with the same approach. My motivation and general well-being has never been better. I really wish this kind of "servant leadership" was more common.
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