So I was at my second meeting about a project I just joined as a volunteer. There's two teachers, me (1st semester CS), a guy almost graduating and a guy in the second semester. In the first meeting the teachers explained what the project's about and what we need to do. Me, wanting to show that I'm good hoping I'd get offered a paid position in the future, got to the second meeting with some stuff already done in Rust. Teachers mistook me for the 2nd semester student (which, by the way, thinks everything server-side is done in node.js) and told him it was a very good job "he" had done with the rust program. The fucker didn't say shit and just took all credit for what I did.

Later that day I sent an email to everyone with the repo link to make sure they knew I was the one that wrote the program and a month or two down the road I made some pretty awesome work while the other two just sat on their asses, so I think they know it was me.

Nonetheless, I got pretty pissed about that and kinda regret not saying anything at the meeting. I do think I kinda made the right choice of keeping quiet, trying to show team loyalty (?) or something like that.

Should I have done it differently? Would you say something at the meeting if it was you?

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    Why didn't you correct the teachers during the meeting?
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    I would have definitely said something.
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    Everyone sucks here.

    I agree you should've spoken up to clear up that misunderstanding. Then again, so should have the 2nd semester student when he got credited for work he didn't do. And finally, the teacher should have praised the team if this project is a team effort. Singling out team members, negatively AND positively, puts everyone under pressure and sets the stage for all kinds of spiteful behaviors.
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    @electrineer honestly, idk. I don't like conflict, maybe I didn't have the balls to do it, idk. The situation kinda caught me off guard and I didn't know what was the proper way to react.
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    @neeno I can relate, I don't like conflict either. I have the subconscious urge to shut up which is hard to overcome sometimes. Therapy helps, and it's not a shame to get help from a professional.

    Commenting on some other points from your rant:

    > I do think I kinda made the right choice of keeping quiet

    While it would've been quicker to clear up the misunderstanding right there and then, it's not a big deal. You were too shy or felt too uneasy, and that's okay. You are part of the equation, too.

    > trying to show team loyalty (?) or something like that

    Team loyalty is a good motivator. Though it a) needs to be earned and b) goes both ways. Sounds like your teammates fail in both regards. Shame, and a lot teams are like that. That's why good teams are so incredibly valuable.
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    @VaderNT you're right. I'll try to not be so "soft" in the future, but as you said, it's hard... Thank you for your support :)
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