Compiling on Windows feels like an Internet Browsing Simulator.

Really shows how incredible the central Repository and System Package Managment systems of Unix are.

Now... Back to downloading the remainder of the required libraries.

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    Microsoft is working on a package manager, and it's very garbage. There's already somewhat capable package managers for windows, they just decided to reinvent the wheel in a vacuum.

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    Oh yeah tell me again how i need 450 mb of toolchain to make a simple webpage on linux systems
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    Compiling what? Playing with js and tons of node modules you mean?
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    The key to trolling is not making it bleeding obvious.
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    @dontbeevil I am trying to compile a Qt-based 3rd party Minecraft launcher (MultiMC).

    Did not figure out how after the Windows version of Cmake moans about not finding the correct version of java or whatever... Despite finding two different java executables on disk, and even if I set the JAVA_HOME variable. Just won't create the makefile.

    On Linux, I just called cmake, make and make install, done...
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    @NoToJavaScript what the fuck are you going on about? Nginx itself is less than 1mb. Sure you need some libs like openssl and gzip. Let's say it's 5MiB.
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    Python3 http server is probably less than that even.
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    @NoToJavaScript give me vim + highligting, firefox to look stuff up, nginx and a cgi of choice and you have a page.

    In total around 200 MBs of data. Imo not too bad.
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