I forged a katana once, under the supervision of a swordsmith. Nothing super special like damascus patterning or anything, but the cutting edge was pretty sharp.

Ugh sorry, lame word jokes.

In terms of software...

Microsoft Office Ribbon (cutting edge at the time, lol). Only as a maintenance drone on a bunch of manual search-and-replace work and merge conflict resolving.

Ariane 6 family of rockets (Welding X-rays and other DICOM quality assurance).

Software for continuous flow chemistry, developing microfluidic PCBs to perform Elisa immunology assays during the Mexican flu outbreak. Idea was to eliminate the need for microplates, expensive robots, microwell washers, etc — just have blood plasma, enzymecoated nanoparticles, antigen, conjugated detection reagents and substrates flowing programmatically through a PCB with a spectrophotometer built in.

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    (I would like to see your katana)
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    @Jilano Confiscated by cops 😔

    I made it when I was 16, took me about 100 hours over the course of a summer. Stupid enough to take it with me in the train a few years later, from my girlfriend's house where I lived for a bit to my own apartment. Marechaussee (military police) at Amsterdam Central Station were very insistent that either me, or the sword would be taken away. I was so naive 😟
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    @bittersweet in germany you need to secure a blade over 12 cm and you can transport it and a weapons permit for possession.
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    @stop Yeah similar here.

    If I had been a bit more grown up back then, I would have realized that people don't appreciate an edgy teenager wearing a Metallica shirt and black sunglasses with a sheathed but very visible sword slung over his shoulder walking through a busy railway station.

    In my defense, I did tell the officers... "I'm so high that it's taking me forever to find the right platform, how would I even use a sword right now?" I think if I had been American, I would probably have ended up as some sad statistic.
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    @bittersweet Erf, sorry to hear that

    Time to forge another one, then!
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    @Jilano Have been trying to convince my wife & neighbors that a fully fledged blacksmith building is an amazing idea in a dense city garden... But will probably just rent a spot somewhere eventually.
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    @bittersweet I read your rants religiously and I’m now waiting for your blacksmithing adventures update.
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    @bittersweet I'll support you in this new endeavour. One thing, though, you'll need a longer, greyish beard.
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