What's popping folks ? I wanna make your today's morning better ! I coded this where you can listen / sing along with Ed Sheeran ( Don't plug in your headphones). The bars go according to what's entering the mic

Go and enjoy live at https://tilakmaddy.github.io/Audio%...

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    1. Good evening.
    2. Cool.
    3. Why Ed Sheeran tho
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    @Ranchu ed sheeran's my all time favourite bro ! his songs got me through some tough times in my life. Anyways do you have any feedback for the website ?
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    @heavenZ52 not on the computer just yet, I meant the concept sounded cool, I'll check it out later.
    And I'm not just gonna start singing in public...
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    You make a lot of cool stuff! Keep it up!
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    A little scared about you collecting all that video and voice data though 😅
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    @ScriptCoded Don't you worry - all the code is on github - they are pure frontend projects ! Thanks for your compliment though ヽ(´▽`)/
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    @ScriptCoded it means a lot to me actually 😊
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    Your work is really appreciable
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