If your SPA doesn't work with the browsers navigation buttons . . . go fuck yourself and fix your application.

At work I have to deal with an application that manages work tickets. There's a login page, an overview console and a page for each individual ticket (and a whole bunch of other pages that I'll ignore for this rant.) If I click on a ticket to view it I go to a new page, right?

What happens if I want to go back to the overview? I hit back on my browser. That should take me back!


Nope. Because it's a single page application with no fucking routing programmed, the browser still thinks that the login page is the last page so it takes me there instead.

Like come on, good UX/UI design takes advantage of what the user expects and what the user is used to. The user expects the back button to take him back one page, and therefore it is the responsibility of a SPA developer to mimic that capability in his app. I don't know what framework this web page uses (it has none of the recognizable hallmarks of React or Angular) but for gods sake, implement a freaking router.

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    Probably created before client side routing was a thing.

    I mean, its not a consumer product. Its something you sell to a boss or a manager, what do they care about usability for the personnel ;)

    Upgrading it to modern technology would make it more expensive compared to just upgrade the sales pitch :P
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    @Voxera I think I saw the word "servlet" when I was navigating so maybe you're right. Possibly not strictly a SPA, but it behaves like one.
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    Over the years I've had some really batshit asks for what history states should do. I've also found the vast majority of users for whatever reason want a clickable for everything, the back button is something they never use.

    I mean, it's the default for my applications, but I also gets complaints about it, especially when I bind it to modality for data entry safety purposes 🤷‍♀️

    That said, if you don't have routing and history states, it's not a spa by definition.
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    I’ve developed with both Angular and react and Angular’s router is very good as it handles basic navigation, plus you can intercept requests which is a handy feature

    However react’s router is garbage and a nightmare to work with and honestly wouldn’t recommend it
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