I am thinking of naming a game developer company with a catchy name. Due to all the shitheads that have come before me the name I want could be considered racist though it is not meant to be.

Ever since I saw this picture:
I want to create an image of a raccoon riding a hog from a profile image. Think lion king imagery except with a raccoon and a hog. I also want to name the company "Coon Hog Gaming". "Raccoon Hog Gaming" doesn't sound as catchy.

I am by no means desiring to be a woketard. PC culture turns my stomach. I also don't want to alienate any potential customers. I would like to signal to customers that we are not PC and will not be PC. This name does that. Yet maybe some customers would be offended so I couldn't market the game on Steam. Should I just go for it anyway? I guess down the road if things get even more stupid than now I could always change the company name.

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    I guess "hog" could be offensive to fat people too.
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    @Demolishun regardless of physique, "Hog" is a cliché, imo.
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    Racoon City Games
    Trash Panda Bear Pig Studios
    Dumpster Beaver Pig Ltd
    All Tanuki Hog Productions
    Whole Hog Games?
    KuneKune Studios
    Durocoon Games
    Berkshire Hathacoon Industries
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    One word:

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    I love it.
    It's a great indie studio name.

    Not a fan of "hog" though.
    How about BattleCoon Games?
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    @SortOfTested "
    "Trash Panda"
    The chinese government: This most be some kind of insult to china *Bans the studio*
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    [Insert excellent raccoon meme here]
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    @Demolishun I am probably one of the most anti-PC persons my self, but i wouldnt go for something anti-PC myself if i were to start a company, due to it would be a pain in the ass to deal with.

    Most news papers and such wouldnt be on your side.
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    I am leaning away from Coon Hog I think. People close to me are thinking it will be a problem down the road. Maybe some play on the animals themselves would be better. I really love the thought you people (yes, I say "you people") are putting into this.
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    Your going to have a hard time surviving calling your company a coon.

    SJW bait if I ever saw it.
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    Opportunities to name shit is like opportunities to apply core programming principles to a truly meaty problem. Doesn't come around very often.
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    Try 'coont'.
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