I setup ELK for our team and went live with it on Production VM.

I'm the only one that knows how it works, is setup... Because no one else cares or wants to know as long as it works...

And well if it doesn't, let's just say they hope that I'm around...

On a side note, I think I'll leave a bit early today since I cut or main projects build process time by 50%.

Root cause: SONAR complains if you implement that using if else to match each field... it is pretty ugly...

And can use Lombok to clean it up, last rant.

So shaved off 10 minutes in each build... And well I'm like seriously? No one else bothered to figure this out for the last year or 2?

I mean I've been pretty busy too but the team had like 20 ppl and at least 4 senior devs and well u don't even need to be senior? Just inquisitive and proactive?

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    And no one is thanking me for fixing this issue.... Maybe the slowness/inefficiency was intentional...
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    @billgates You just shaved countless times 10 minutes off everyone's paid free time.
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