Five minutes before an interview and my manager started demanding for online coding exams and gathered everyone in a group chat to choreograph the whole interview as if it's a gay pride parade. This is the first time he was actually involved in interviewing a candidate and he dragged everyone into it, it's a fucking conference call.

I bet when you eat ass, the ass eats you instead. You fucking simp lord, I am exhausted.

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    Say, you're still there, honey? ^^
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    @Fast-Nop I'm still here, darling. :*

    Took my first swimming lessons and got hooked. I have less dev-related stuff to rant about so most of the forums I frequent are related to workouts and sex. I still check devRant from time to time and would rant when I have something.
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    @rutee07 Awesome news mate, glad you've found something different to enjoy! Swimming's great - it's been something I've really missed during lockdown, all the pools were closed here. Only opened now with such restricted access (half an hour at a time) that it's barely worth going.
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