I can't watch others use a computer.

That's not how you ask google a question.

You're clicking the wrong way.
You click like an idiot.

Why are you scrolling like that? do you hate moving down the page so mutch it makes you scroll like that?

Why am i forced to sit through this?
When will this end?

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    Is here some kind of mirror, or why do I see myself?
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    And I cant stand people drafting rant like this
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    The thing I hate the most : clicking on a link twice
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    I don't like it when a person watching behind me critiques me about things I find meaningless, lol. I think some people are control freaks.
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    Not having discovered alt-tab is also very frustrating to watch.
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    @kanduvisla Not having discovered that a shortcut isn't a copy is frustrating :P
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    Use keyboard shortcuts!! That's why they fucking exist!
    Or: people who absolutely must click the tiny play/pause button on YouTube, while they could click literally Everywhere on the whole screen, or even better: [k].
    And then they leave their mouse there, so the overlay doesn't fade.

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    And people who doesn't use ctl+c ctl+v but right click and copy/pastes it from there.
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    I hate when people get upset over how I operate my own mouse and keyboard.

    It's my keyboard/mouse, I'll click when I want! I'm in charge of my own world! I'm the master of my own universe!

    All joking aside, I use keyboard shortcuts for many many things. I still prefer clicking in the taskbar over Alt-Tab. Sue me.
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    Now imagine you are pair-programming whole project with such person :P
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    @Lilithium i get so frustrated i triple click then watch my pc burn.
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    @kanduvisla da truth has been spoken!
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    @purged alt tab in windows is frustrating. Alt tab in elementary os is a pleasure.
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    @Marqin the devil is here! Go away satan!
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