Is there a dev out there that actually prefers angular over react ? When devs talk about react they talk about all the possibilities, combinations, different paradigms, different approaches. Their own unique processes and toolings combined for the best solution. With angular its angulars MVC paradigm, angulars http module that makes you use rxjs, angulars redux module. HOW BORING!!

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    Concerned? Vue it.
    (By the way, once someone in my life brings an Angular project, I won't drag away from it, because it seems promising in last years compared to first major releases.)
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    It's not the variety of options that makes a framework superior. It's actually the opposite usually, since one of advantages of a framework is that you can have no idea what a specific project does, but you can quickly make necessary changes because you know how the code is structured.

    I think React is often preferred to Angular because it's lightweight and simple. Meanwhile, Angular requires a lot of unnecessary boilerplate and ceremony. If you'd like to see how they could (and IMO should) have done it, take a look at Aurelia (aurelia.io). It's an Angular-style framework without all that heavyweight crap.
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    I prefer Vue over both. There's a lot of good in React imo, but most of it is better in Vue and also the Vue ecosystem is better integrated/overall designed than that of React. However, I really like frameworks like Angular because they are so restrictive and well defined. Personally tho, I stay away from front end whenever I can, which sadly isn't that often..
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    I hate them both equally?!
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    @gronostaj react is lightweight yes but its lightweight nature is what makes it more complex in the long run than other SPAs. The whole npm registry is at your disposal as to how you build validators, redux services, local storage, UI, HTTP. With angular your more than likely looking at their docs for any common service. With react your looking at medium day in day out.The community uses its view component alongside a tailored set of other agnostic components to get the job done. I agree angular and vue are easier to pick up because of their straight forward usage and internal nature with their modules. React is also much more javascript centric which steers many away if their looking for a more dom centered approach
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    @miksaraj Ive worked with vue for a couple years and will agree it strikes the perfect medium between a dom centered approach and simplicity that angular lacks. Usually someone that steers clear of the frontend by preference is appreciating VUE much more over react sense its so javascript focused. Vue lets you just do the damn thing and get on with your day. Only thing that bugged me is the modules. If i want lodash, i prefer being able to just import it, not load a vue lodash module in its root to inject in my components
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