A Unity "game" that could take an Autodesk Revit architectural model and make it playable (i.e. walk through it) in VR

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    Worldedit for Minecraft 😂
    I jest, but can't you save things from Autodesk and import them into unity prefabs?
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    in vectorworks you can import it into Cinema4D and from there you can import it to Unity or Unreal engine.
    I guess you can do the same with revit?

    remember the ue4 paris apartment?
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    @lkjhgf253 well this was more than 5 years ago that I worked on that... I'm pretty sure much cooler shit can be done nowadays. The biggest challenge back then was translating all the Autodesk materials because, obviously, they were proprietary.
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    @heyheni yeah... There probably was/is something like that for Revit but the requirement was that Architects could use it. So making them open 42 programs was off the table. It had to be part of the "game" (I should probably just call it application at this point).
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