I want to start with web development and combine ESP projects with a nice interface or just to make a small websites showing algorithms in an animation. (Just as examples) But where the hell do I start. I have a background with C/C++ and python but want to develop more skills. Like do I go with react, node.js, typescript and postgres or something else? And what are the first steps I should take? If any of you got tutorials they can recommend I'd really appreciate that, because I feel like there are a ton of BS tutorials out there...

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    Either just use Flask or Django since you know python OR since you like C/C++ you actually might like GoLang
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    @Bubbles Actually I wanted to try out Node.js just for the sake of learning a bit more about the JS world.
    Maybe I'll use Flask as an entry point for web then and later switch to JS and hope that what I learned in Flask will at least help me in structuring a project.
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    @Crowns I feel it. Node is pretty nice I’ve been looking at it recently to help a friend out and it’s cool.
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