For my next project, i am gonna make a voice assistant app in javascript. Comment what commands and corresponding actions you would like to see. Try ta think of something funny and entertaining !

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    While you are here, I'd like to request a prayer from you as my head's hurting from 2 days . Thanksss !!
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    What I always want to do is to like tell something and without any other effort or confirmation let the assistant do it, without hearing its voice.

    Like, "play some music" => start spotify or something, don't ask me anything and don't tell what are you playing.

    BTW, the command i'd like to have is something like "excuse" and it just gives you a random reason to not attend to something
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    @ZioCain will include it :) thanks
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    please make it so when you throw slurs at it that it goes quiet. like, shut up, fuck off, etc. (but of course go fuck yourself has to do some weird ass shit)
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    Name it Tyrone. "Ok Tyrone, play some gangsta beats"
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