me: "I need to buy some licenses for the `software package`. I'm just going to use my corp card..."

manager: "...Sorry, you'll have to go through procurement for those licenses...I'll put in a request"

me: **grumble** -- waits a week -- buys them on corp card anyway


procurement: "now how many licenses did you need?"

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    You clearly exaggerated the delay
    But what’s wrong with it ?
    And BTW, now they can fire you ANY moment with prejudice as you used corporate card without authorization.
    In my life, the WORST company I worked with took about 5 days to approve these kinds of requests.
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    I once needed some isolation shells for power potentiometers and had massive trouble with procurement.

    I ended up going to a supermarket and chose some yoghurt based on the package size. It also happened to be tasty. After washing the pots and piercing holes into the bottom, I mounted them on the potis like a bell.

    Yeah, I literally built household trash into our million dollar rack.
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    @Fast-Nop This reminds me the articles Bob Pease wrote. He was always creating jigs to test analog circuitry. Fun to read!
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    Once took 2 years to get something, and it didn't even cost anything !

    I would have done it myself, but I wasn't allowed to.

    Nor able to gain physical access to either !

    Meanwhile, efforts to get other items was often troublesome, one problem solved by getting broken units out of a bin at work and taking the good parts off them to make a single working unit held together with sticky tape.

    It wasn't the kind of place you could sneak stuff into the building..
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