That moment when you tell the head of IT that he 'bought' licenses for a deprecated version of an open source engine for 300K 🤣

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    You can't be serious?
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    @HelsinkiCodes for real. ✌️
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    Fuck dude, that's awful
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    @krz1 Who let that guy touch the company bank account? Well, there goes the IT budget for the next year or two.
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    Idiots! Idiots everywhere!
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    IT isnt that much to blame. the way i see it is u shoudnt be selling licenses for depricated versions of ur software
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    Two things to blame here:

    1. Selling license for a depreciated software with that price

    2. Person who asked for purchase did not make sure that at least it is no longer depreciated

    I just hope I don't mess up that bad one day :\
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    @sleek @gitpush I'm not entirely sure of the case, but it could be that the IT head 'bought' a license from a scammer who didn't own the rights to the open-source depreciated project at all.

    There was a similar case a few years ago with Blender3D. A person / company claimed to be selling a 3D modeling tool, but it turned out to be Blender3D, an open-source project they downloaded and were trying to pass off as their own.
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    @HelsinkiCodes this world never fails to amaze me with how low people can get :/
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    @HelsinkiCodes @gitpush @sleek

    to add some context: our business is rather large, 300k is just a fraction of IT budget. The solution provider is a well established company with loads of technical debt and seems to be using us as guinea pigs for their ventures into modern software stacks. This is just what happens when decision makers are decoupled from reality, on both sides.
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    Well... if he bought support licences for a deprecated product instead of paying to migrate it that is probably fine. Like I worked at a place that used a legacy ERP system that touches literally hundreds of industrial machines. It was easier for them to pay an aftermarket support specialist a few hundred thousand than pay 20 million rebuilding the industrial machines.
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