I am never watching Black Mirror again, getting the viewer to empathise and feel sorry for someone then at the last second going "oh aye he's a pedo" is fucked up man, fucked up

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    One in season 3 called "Shut up and dance" @g-m-f
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    Yea, it was bad, but honestly this was worse, like I've a pretty strong stomach and can generally take some bad twists in things but this, this was just sick in my opinion making the viewer feel empathy for that kind of character
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    We need a "SPOILER ALERT" tag. Tried reeeaaal hard not to read into details 🌚
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    But isn't that the point of it - online you don't know who you can trust.
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    That's the point though?
    A recurring theme of Black Mirror is that we all to easily dehumanise our fellow man. The crime is disgusting but we lose our ability to make rational judgements when we only see the crime and not the person.
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