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Since I rescued my dog I realise more and more that buying dogs off the breeders is just ethically wrong. Until the day shelters are empty and there's no dogs on the streets dog breeders should not exist.

All the reasons you use to justify buying a dog (unless you need one to guide you) are bullshit.

Ergo. If you buy a dog, you're a grand twat.

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    Just in disease and genetic damage alone, they shouldn't exist. Purebred dogs are generally unhealthy and borderline retarded due to inbreeding.
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    In my mind, there is something borderline wrong about acquiring a purebreed in order to make money off of it. I'm sure a lot of those "investors" love their dogs, but man, something's not right there.

    Also, around these parts, uttering the word "mixed-breed" in the park is somewhat of a taboo.
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    Most dog breeders are glorified puppy mills -- they simply seek to produce as many puppies as possible, often with little regard to their temperament, health, genetics, etc. They often claim to produce good lines, but they don't. They also proudly claim their dogs are vetted by the AKC... but the AKC accepts all dogs from breeders without question. there's no standards to meet; all puppies born from AKC certified dogs are automatically AKC certified. it means nothing.

    And if you dig into exactly what the AKC has done, and the things they've pushed for... they're awful and they've destroyed so many breeds in the name of looks. They push for show animals, not pets.

    As for shelters... you will never get people to stop random-breeding their dogs, so the shelters will always be full. There's also no minimum standards to meet at no-kill shelters. The better dogs tend to be adopted first, leaving the poorer quality dogs behind. As this churn continues, they're eventually left with a shelter full of terrible, dangerous dogs nobody wants.

    Sure, you can socialize and train a bad dog, and it will be less likely to bite or attack, but there will always be a chance -- and the worse the dog, the greater that chance. Dogs attack out of fear, not aggression, and a poor quality dog can be terrified of everything, especially small children getting too close. Let me be clear: these dogs are dangerous.

    To end on a lighter note, working dog breeders differ in that their animals must meet stringent requirements for e.g. police dogs, seeing eye dogs, service animals (not the fake ones like corgies and chiuahauas you see on leashes in stores). Because of these strict requirements, the dogs must be high quality, obey, learn quickly, have high drive, and show absoluetly no fear or aggression. These dogs are hundreds of times better that what you find in pet stores -- or shelters.

    As with anything (esp. dealing with life), only people who know how to do something well should do it.
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    Puppies from licensed and recognized breeders suffer from and transmit less diseases than mutts.

    Letting mutts reproduce is fucking retarded.

    Letting purebreed dogs reproduce with different breeds or mutts is also retarded.

    Inbreeding is also fucking retarded.
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    Welcome to dogRant 🐩
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    @Root Disagree. Once you find your favorite dog, it becomes hundreds of times better than any other dog. There is no "dog leaderboards", they are living things.
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    @Root My wife and I have a mixed-breed „dangerous“ dog rescued from the streets in Romania for 10 years. Even with training and a lot of love he is still afraid of children (we don’t have one) and some other things. We can deal with this situation but it’s hard if we compare him to socialized dogs. He is 13 years old now and was never allowed to walk without a leash outside our garden. When we have guests we always have to separate him and accommodations for travel and holiday are always a challenge. As we managed to offer a “dangerous” dog a great live these limitations as well as the required discipline and effort are too much for most people.
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    @theuser That sounds like an emotion.
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