Since this is a very serious, very important question, I'll tag ot correctly.

Glass vs metal desktop cases.


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    Glass for: RGB master fuckboi race

    Metal for: I don't care, it's a case shoved out of sight anyway
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    It depends on the case and what you expect from it.
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    As long as it's lian li it doesn't matter.
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    @SortOfTested "A customer can have his car painted any colour he wants as long as it's black."
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    Metal housing. It provides proper EMI shielding, and metal rules anyway.

    @SortOfTested I have a 10 year old Lian Li case and will even use it for the next PC.
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    It's a desktop case, your supposed to put things on top of it for space constraints. In that case go with metal, if not, leave it open (test bench) or use a cage designe for better cooling. But that last part is just my opinion.
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    Isn't metal better at shielding ?

    Doesn't break as easily as glass..

    And radiators heat better ?

    Not that I use any case..

    A naked PC is a bit like one in glass, its handy to see inside of it, to spot if the fans are still going around and what the motherboard LED is saying.
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    Sloped composite metal with reactive armour plating and trophy active defense system.
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    @SortOfTested Btw., I looked it up, and actually, I have a Lancool PC-K58 housing from 2010, which was a brand with Lian Li, but discontinued. Currently, Lian Li seems to be into glass stuff, unfortunately.

    Since there's no housing with the ripped mesh front look, 5.25" external drives (DVD burner), dust filters and the cool top cover on the market, I'll keep that housing for my next PC.
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    @Fast-Nop my lancool case sucks dick feel lucky if yours doesn't
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    @Parzi Totally rocks da house. Dust filter in the front and bottom (for the PSU), allows 140mm front fan, and is wide enough for a Scythe Mugen monster cooler. And no stupid glass or RGB shit.
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    @Fast-Nop check, check, and check (well it's got a partial plastic window), but no opposite panel use so no good cable management, so no good airflow.
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    @Parzi Cable ties to the rescue, using the inner frame for holding stuff together. I don't put cables between the inner frame and the right side housing cover anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop > inner frame

    also zip ties are insufficient
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