So a junior at Twitter created a linter that detects harmful language, then twitter decides to migrate all of their code and documentation to avoid “dangerous language”. The twitter handle of said junior - “negroprogrammer”. The only words twitter should start including in their business is cognitive dissonance.

Ok this should be interesting but this is devRant after all and I couldn’t just not mention this. Cancel me.

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    Wait what that actually the guy's username? Do you have some sauce for that?
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    A useless diversity hire who does useless diversity shit.
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    That filter is more dangerous then the creator anticipates. While written with somewhat good intent, it can easily be used to stop any discussion Twitter deems wrong or against their own believes.

    I'm aware that Twitter is a private organization and can do whatever they want on their own platform. But at this point discussions there have so much influence, that this principle needs to be revisited.

    Lastly, I don't think banning words will do anything to help his cause. People will simply post their banned language on another platform. Potentially grouping regular people together with more radical ones.
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    Twitter is just creating a platform full of people that yell and do meaningless shit at this point. They contribute nothing for inclusivity, and in fact, with this odd vocabulary they introduce, they exclude certain communities. Great!
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    See, the issue is, that you're a reasonable human being.

    You could never understand *them*
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