Gf: Your mom wanted to talk to you. I think you should call her
Me: mom();

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    Mom: Why don't you call me some times, to have a nice chat every once in a while.
    Me: Exception thrown while queing up task: ArgumentTypeException. mom is not a function.
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    @p100sch hm. Task queue system.
    I should learn about that.
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    @Ranchu It is the most bearable Async paradigm in my opinion. But the reality that you can never be sure a value was not changed in the mean time without synchronizing all threads will still fuck you some times.

    Tip, come up with a algorithm that works regardless if the state changes in between reads or can quickly recover if it changes. A read write lock can easily cause deadlocks and performance issues if you don't pay attention to every possible branch and concurrency situations.
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    @p100sch if i am not wrong Boost Async and Strands do this right?
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