I was supposed to implement a simple page with some shop functionality. I told him he should go with Wordpress and WooCommerce or smth different. I mean for a budget of 1500€ he can't be serious to expect me to customly implement a shop system, can he?! ...

Oh and then I told him that he should consult a lawyer to make sure his shop is prepared for laws and regulations (which I'm not responsible for) and be safe against "Hackers" exploiting the system. This seemed to give this hopeless dude the rest to which he responded the following:


Hello Mr. XXX

I am sorry that I have upset you - maybe with the looser salutation in our country - but then I will finish you off.

What is still obviously not clear to you: I am a lawyer myself and I know my way around. And we are - thank God - not a member of the EU.

The GDPR is completely banal and you encounter it a hundred times a day on every website with the standardized information and the invitation to give your consent to the limited use of the data. This is as banal and ridiculous as the millions of 'terms of use and license agreements' that 99% of users blindly click and which nobody reads (except maybe you?).

So you are completely wrong if you think that I am not interested in the legal, but I don't get as excited as you because I studied this subject. And since the company is based in Switzerland, I don't have to be interested in the really terrible German tax law.

The main reason that I don't want to work with you is the fact that you want to implement an amateur cheap version with Shopify or Woocommerce and still write about possible additional costs in excess of the generous € 1,500. I didn't think that was very nice.

But now I only wish you the best for your exams - and maybe you will then continue to study law?
Sincerely yours

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    I wonder when mr lawyer is going to realise that you still need to comply with GDPR despite not being located in the EU...
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    @Redd Technically yes, even if he doesn't ship internationally, because already offering goods visible to EU citizens is enough. Unless he does geoblocking.

    However, the GDPR cannot be enforced in Switzerland, and if he doesn't have dependencies in the EU, the EU cannot do anything.
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    @Fast-Nop funny story is: he is selling products to the EU...
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    "GeNeRoUs 1500 €"
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    @tombjarne Oh, and then not even with international taxing.

    Btw., he will be in for a big surprise next year when the revised Swiss E-DSG goes into action. This is equivalent to the GDPR. Except the fine is "only" up to 250k CHF.
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    Dodged a bullet
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    Shopify and WooCommerce cheap? He should post the project on freelancer.com and state that he needs an e-commerce system from groundup for the said amount and they'll tell him what's cheap! Either him or the project!

    It's a sure sign the project will be hell when a client tries to determine the specific tools needed to get a task done.
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    Oh my that guy is insecure....
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    totally crazy. for 1500 euro i do not think that anyone would implement such a shop solution, especially right now. you should possible show him the cost of a professional shop system, which is around 15.000 euros. this guy should just look at some price lists himself.
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    Well he offered money. Not the usual hey do it for free for your portfolio
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    Guys, get real! On Udemy hundreds will be ready to make all of this for €500 in three days with a few offering €499 and two and a half days. Coding is now global which means we're on the market with every wanna-be-H1B-abuser from Andhra Pradesh and beyond.
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    @LesMore Then let him have his fun with Rahul.
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    @LesMore agree with you on that
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    @shakur I think will have to agree with @LesMore on that, there will be people willing to implement something like this (_wink _ _wink_ outsourcing _wink _ _wink_ South Asia)
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    If you know the domain you can monitor it. When his shit goes live report it to edps at least.
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    Some kids just finish is university and know everything XD
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    @jak645 what exactly is your point? If you talking about me I probably have more experience working self employed for about three years now than you do
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    Talk about that "loyer" i knows your job better then you 🤨 1500$ for a wevsite is noting XD
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    @jak645 my chair costs 500 €
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    the word "exam" is already causing me stress
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    the word "exam" is already causing me stress
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    I can sell him my laravel project (my first laravel app). It has cart, orders, very basic inventory and product listing with filtering. It albo takes lots of time to load, and i think there may be a race condition or two, but it's fine because i didn't add payments.
    Also, it takes over 7 seconds to load in some cases, because eloquent.
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    A lawyer and based on switzerland? And being a cheap fuck? Something seems fishy here. He wpild have to pay top dollar for the website from any company there.
    You dodged a bullet.
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    1500 Euro is good money for one page shop site in my country (our cost of living is in last 10).
    Any way you could refer this client to my team for a communication without disclosing our identities? I think "no".

    I am starting off a company alongside my job, so whatever revenue comes in is good/helpful in these testing times. I have nothing remarkable in my company showcase.
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