My internet connection is so messed up. Again certain websites are not loading on my Mac but they are loading on my phone using WiFi. I tried clearing cookies, flushing DNS cache and changing DNS servers to OpenDNS or Google DNS.

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    Not a DNS issue. There seems to be no route.
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    Here is an age old advise : "Try turning off and on the wifi adapter"

    Also try "traceroute" to see whether the package reach the website.
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    This is exactly what my old router was doing sometimes
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    Try changing the browser
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    Try changing the laptop
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    PEBKAC driver issue.
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    PEBCAK and not an internet problem, but a MacBook problem. It works on your phone, so your MacBook is acting strange.
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    try "ping stackoverflow.com" under commandline.
    and if it success, try to use another order version of Chrome.
    In my case, Chrome version 52 works perfectly while Chrome 70 got an UNREACHABEL issue when loading some websites.
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    Try changing your ISP
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