Couple of years ago, I made a nice app that i was proud of, and a friend's father was interested so i visited him on his office to demo the app. Everything went nice up untill his damn printer decided to stop working and the very old man asked me for help "politely" . I made the classical mistake and tried to help but i could'nt fix it . the client old man later said he would contact me soon but that never happened. I thought he didn't like the app but i asked my friend anyway. You know the rest , he liked the app but was worried because i was very young and lack skills!!
he's questioned my skills for not being able to fix the printer. -_-

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    Shit happens.
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    That's actually pretty depressing knowing people will judge you like that
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    Non tech people always think that because your app is sooo good, you can fix their crappy hardware. They don't understand software and hardware and two different things. On the plus side, this has taught me to be very patient with people 😊
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