hmmm, deep analogy 😀😮

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    For languages that work on all operating systems, c would be analogous to anal sex, and c++ would be fisting. Java is pretty harmless vanilla in comparison.
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    What is this gobbledygook?
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    But that’s correct 🏳️‍🌈
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    A hole's a hole, and $20 is $20.
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    *Ahem* DEEP analogy here
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    @vintprox More like Deep Anal Orgy, amirite?
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    @NickyBones I would say that java is anal sex where literally everyone wears a strap-on and the strap-on has spikes on it.
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    @PlatinumFire I have little experience with Java, but I did work a lot in C# which is pretty close. Higher level languages shield you from the horrors of c/c++. How many Java/C# programmers caused a kernel panic? Heap corruption? Messed up Big/Little Endians? Few to none.
    Can you royally fucked yourself with shit design and spaghetti code? Yes, but that's not exclusive to Java.
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    All operating systems? What about the Apple mobile devices? And the new ARM-based MacOS? It seems these Apple devices are eventually not into anal sex.
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    Sorry for the necro but ... works on all species ...
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