Any idea where to start as a beginner programmer as I just completed my first year in CSE and still have no clue what and where and when to do. I just know C that's all

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    begin to learn NOI?😂 you can find the spirit of programming there.
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    @juliandroid what's NOI
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    @MAYH3M National Olympiad in Informatics, is a comptetition in arithmetic, using C/Cpp/Pascal to write some programs to solve some problems about math.
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    @juliandroid ooookay thanks
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    This isn't really a group rant, so I guess wrong category.

    Your question kinda bugs me since you're not giving us any context on what you want to do, achieve and become in your life.

    Do you want to develop web applications? Machine learning? Networking? Phone apps? Security? What are your ambitions? What job title would you like to have?
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    @alexbrooklyn thanks sir, this is my first day at devrant so it'll take a while to understand where to pay what And other thing. Yeah I didn't mention it because I don't actually know what all are the options I can choose from. Could you help me with that?
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    If you know C you know everything (at least most of it)
    You should try ASM (retro engineering, malwares), Rust (systems programming, games, big data), ...
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    You should remove the group rant tag from your post
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    Use SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) if you want visual result of your programming.
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