Anyone use https://snipl.io ? I love their service, but have been wanting to self host something to replace it for my snippets, scripts, and things I want to make accessible over my domain.


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    "Sorry, we only support desktop browsers right now. A mobile application is in the works!" at least they could show an 'about' page or something... No support, yeah but no support for what? Pure bad design.
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    @hack yeah, it's less than ideal in that regard. But I'm kinda stuck with them for now because they integrate with my domain, allow for all kinds of documents and scripts and a customizable url -> document scheme.
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    I'd really appreciate it if somebody made alternative to GitHub Gist that is easily embeddable, also integrated in Medium and such.
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    @vintprox aww yeah! That would be amazing, I just wish gist had a better client and a way to add it to a domain with custom slugs to documents.
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    @Setherizor well, the thing with Gist is that every embedded snippet contains footer "made with <3 by GitHub", and it basically steals vertical space. I thought that GitHub doesn't require announcement anymore, when almost everybody knows GitHub Gist.
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    @vintprox that too. Which is why I was hoping to find some sort of self hosted solution....
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    On a mobile :

    7 Second loading animation.

    Greeted with the "only works on desktop browsers" prompt.

    It loads anyways and everything is animated.

    Immediately accosted by chat window taking up 20% real estate.

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    @PlatinumFire maybe I'll clarify, IM NOT RECOMMENDING this app. I'm trying to find an alternative that fits the bill, and maybe learn some self hosting along the way.
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