Microsoft, seriously..
No external usb support for wsl2 , WHY??

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    Just compile and load the iscsi kernel modules and load your device.
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    I still don't really see the point in the WSL
    What do people actually use it for?
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    I can't see the point either. If you want to use Linux, just install Linux. WSL is supposed to be a subsystem inside Windows, it was never supposed to do its own hardware handling.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine I use it as my Docker engine backend. About 5x faster than just running Docker Desktop on Windows. Mostly that's it. Also Vim is a lot less of a nightmare on WSL than it is on Windows, though Neovim fixes most of that.

    Have to use Windows cause the technical support of my employer refuses to install other OSes than Windows.
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    @Lucky-Loek ah, fair enough. One of the first things I'm doing is securing a VM/lab device that I can run Linux on...
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