What's up everybody 🤙 ? How is it going ? I wanted to help you chill out so I coded a voice assistant named 'Tyrone' that does stuff.

🚀 Go 🚀 and enjoy it live at https://tilakmaddy.github.io/my-voi...

Until then, ✌️ !

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    So where's the "voice" part?
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    @gronostaj doesn't it ask you for access to microphone and you can speak in the commands that are on the screen ? If not I'll have to look into that cuz i was using 3rd party speech recognition framework =====>
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    I'm using Firefox, so no voice recognition for me apparently.
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    @gronostaj hmm i guess but do you have nay idea how i can implement speech recognition for at least 3 main browsers - safari, chrome and firefox
    (i really stopped caring about IE from few months ago :P so that's just like out of the equation)What are your thoughts ?
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    At this point you can't. Only Chromium derivatives provide this API as of now and without an API it's not possible.
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    Is it just me, or it really lags in mobile?

    Nice work, though, keep it up!
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