I was just informed by email that it's my 9 year anniversary at my company....

Which also means I've been working for... 9 years.

First thing I checked was whether I'm fully qualified for social security and disability.... Apparently I was qualified a long time ago.

Next thought was "it's almost 10 years since I graduated...."

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    I was on my sixth job out of college by the time I was 30. I can't imagine staying in one job for nine years.
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    @bahua if u keep getting new projects to work on then its fine
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    @zemaitis that and your team don't have a big pile of tech debt...

    That's the biggest reason I'd want to switch teams even if at the same company... lots of IT team... Some are better at keeping the pile small...

    though wouldn't get much of a pay bump... But at least less stressful and more productive...
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