Just bumped into this service called hCaptcha which looks very similar to Google's reCaptcha.
Anybody used it before? what's the difference in terms of benefits?
if it is not a google service, then where does it fetches its captcha images from?
I'm just a bit curious.

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    They can fetch their own image from their server.

    What I notice is that the image from "hcaptcha" is less clear so you have to look carefully.
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    Not having to rely on Google is probably the best benefits.

    CloudFlare recently switched to them for example: https://blog.cloudflare.com/moving-...
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    I think you can pay them to label your data sets like google does for themselves. And im not sure about this but i think the site owners also get a small cut. It was a long time ago since i opened their web site but i think they are legit. I certainly trust them more then google.
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    They have their own crypto currency and you pay with it to get some work done like label data and the web site owners earn some of that crypto. Its based on etherium and its called hmt.
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    Thank you for sharing this!
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    Biggest issue is that you basically *always* have to do them because they don't rely on user data. You need Privacy Pass to avoid that.
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    The absense of Google seems like a prime benefit
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