I’m maintaining a pet spider by my workstation. When flies piss me off I fan them into his web and watch him eat them for the whole day. It’s pretty rad.

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    I guess you could say you’re a web developer
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    with a great debugger
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    I love my spider babies too. They set up shop in the windows every spring and keep everything nice and bug free.
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    I had a tarantula some years ago. My friend's cat killed it. Then 2 years ago my dog killed the cat. I hated that fucking cat. It kept pissing all over my suits and shirts. That's one of the many reasons my dog is my hero.
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    Pictures of this sweetie pie?
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    I used to have a pet chick I bought from the church. My mother stepped on him and the fur was removed from one side of his face, he looks like Two-Face. When he grew up a little bit, we would go outside and I would kill flies with my slipper. He would run to the dead fly and eat it.

    One time, I brought him to the park and this bitch ass motherfucker of a neighbor grabbed him and threw him to the sky as if he's a bird that can actually fly. He landed on the pavement which was all ridged. I knew it hurt his feet. That fucking neighbor never got out of poverty and the last time I heard about her, people were accusing her of having men fuck her in the ass. Nothing wrong with that except she hates the rumor. It was amazing seeing her cry while defending herself given how he evil she is. :D
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    @rutee07 also have some partial footage of my dog tearing the fucking cat apart.will post that shit later,got to dig up the dvr.
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    @molaram Damn, I want to give that tarantula a sword.
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    @molaram that’s a cutie! Please don’t post that footage. Even if you hated the cat I will cry I like animals
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    @FrodoSwaggins that cat was pure fucking evil. You have no clue. It kept pissing my tailor made suits and my shoes. It stole my socks and took them out in the backyard. It took a piss on a $4k tv. It took a piss in the fucking oven. It pissed in my car twice. It kept biting my toes at night. It chewed on my fiber. It destroyed the curtains bedroom and living room curtains like 3 times. It tore down a christmas tree. It almost took my cousin's baby's eye out. No, that cat was not evil, it was The. Evil.
    But the worst thing was that I wanted to kill it so bad, so many times, and just couldn't. For years I had to suck it up and do nothing about it or the princess would go mental as she did every fucking time I threw the goddamn cat out.
    So you can understand how that video is among the most precious things I saved and my dog gets royal treatment since then.
    Also the bitch tried to get me to get rid of him so I got rid of her. And I fucked her sister. Now she has another cat.
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    @FrodoSwaggins this the new cat.the old one was even uglier.
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    @molaram Damn, that cat looks like my ex. You have a pic of the old one?
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    @rutee07 don't worry, this one will also die. Sometimes I walk my dog around the apartment building she lives in. Either he will catch and kill her one of these days or I will run it over on my way there or back. I am very optimistic about this happening.
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    @rutee07 don't have a pic of the old one. Fuck that cat. Here's a pic of the Hero tho.
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    @molaram That one's just begging for a belly rub.
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    @rutee07 he gets lots

    Just saw this shit app fucked up the pic
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    @molaram Yes, he (or is it a she) looks very flat from this angle. But maybe that's to get a snack out of peopel.
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    Me too, I call him Fluffy 😃

    He pays rent by occasional killing flying things in my room
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    My roommate lives by the head of my bed. The lamp lures all the bugs in his web. I've never seen him though, only the web.
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    @molaram I'll be honest, I'm not particularly a fan of spiders, but damn that thing is awesome.
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    @molaram that's one good boi
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    @molaram Sounds to me like something in your home or the food etc. was not right for the cat. They have strange ways to express distress or unease.
    The dude from Animal Plamet has good videos with tips. https://youtu.be/LbNjrDjs-g0
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    @PonySlaystation that fucking cat's food was more expensive than mine, we even paid a vet to come up with A FUCKING MENU for the cat.
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    1. car

    2. plastic bag

    3. nearby river.

    "learn this one super duper trick THEY dont want you to know!"
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    Hope this isn't just a Web of lies
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    I need this for my office! A fly has been annoying me for ages...
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    Op that's a cruel thing to do.
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