Damn Admob information delivery -.-
I got restricted ad delivery a second time in a month and they do not have a proper support...

I have an app which generates around 100k impressions a week and it kind of hurts when there is anything wrong with the ad implementation. it worked for over 2 years straight without any flaws.

after the last ban i even limited the amount of ad delivery by hardcoding a max amount per day. But the fucking lack of information makes it impossible for me to write fixes on my side -.- i do not even know which ad exactly is causing the invalid traffic - and admob is not really helpful when it comes to providing informations.

i totally get that admob wants to keep their algo a secret but for fucks sake how am i supposed to work with those ppl if they do not work with me?

I now need to stress around with binding alternative ad networks - wish me good luck writing adapters for xamarin...

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