Nice to see all my new app's advertisement stats go up :)
Pageviews: 1316 (+41%)
Impressions: 1142 (+24%)
Clicks: 7 (+500%)

Except the only one that matters :(
estimated revenue: €0.03 (-25%)

Fuck you Admob!

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    it's gonna get better with time!
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    You barely make any money with ads. Consider not implementing ads and asking for donations after the user used the app for a while.
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    About 2 yrs ago I had website for a year and ads just made enough to pay hosting, so I just deleted it lol
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    @iKameo yes, I confess. My app is not advertisementless
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    @iKameo unfortunately that seems to be just you.
    I have a free app with ads: revenue: 40€ / month (250.000+ downloads)
    Same app without ads for 0,99€:
    revenue: 0,40€/ month (100+ downloads)
    These are averages over a 5 year period
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