yeah crack is nice but have you tried powdered PCBs?

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    I have tired sniffing the ones that stayed in the microwave for too long or the smell of lead soldering. The best crack so far is the mixture of lead and melting human protein.
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    Try hot sparks and aluminum dust from an angle grinder
    Lung problems et. al.
    10/10 would recommend
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    @rutee07 You should sprinkle some black powder on top of it for that extra kick
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    Imagine coughing for the rest of your life because literally no particles are able to escape lungs
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    I'm reminded of:



    Old stuff smells of phenolic based circuit boards. No longer made, nasty ingredients. That 'sharp', hot smell.


    I've got an unused board of it someplace in the garage here..

    You sometimes smell it on really old aircraft !
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    Related link:



    Smells from Technics and Panasonic are the same (both Matshusita), but differs from Sony. And these from Luxman, Pioneer, all distinctive. The NAD I recently resurrected was almost odeurless, a bit dull. My Thorens TD160 has stopped breathing altogether, but the tube from the SME3 tonearm is unique.

    Bought a solderstrip recently. Sniffing and back in memory lane.


    Old wartime instruments have an almost addictive smell especially if the case is airtight.

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    I do love the smell of solder in the morning.
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    nothing beats inhaling lead solder fumes
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