Today we dropped support for IE 11, I’m so happy

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    You dropped 11 but still support 6, right...?
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    Our current rule is

    ">90% support for feature on caniuse.com?"

    So that generally means it has to work on latest versions of Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (iOS) & Firefox.
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    @Jilano I had a major US Bank complain to me that the software my team was writing at the time didn't support IE6.

    This was in 2019.

    I promptly closed my account with them and took my money elsewhere.
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    @sariel I'm almost surprised they're at IE 6 stage yet, thought they would be even further away.

    Wise decision to go elsewhere, though
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    Dropped support as in making it unusable with a ”your browser is too old” message - or as in letting it break?
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    @jiraTicket both, showing a message to IE users that we cannot guarantee a good UX on their browser. And we don’t test features on IE anymore, so we will let it break.
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