Always include import statements. Always. No excuses. I don't care if you can't be arsed to copy-n-paste an extra bit of code.

Nothing worse than trying to learn something new, copy-n-paste a sample code then your wonderfully helpful IDE asks you which of the 8 matching packages you wish to import.

When someone asks me, "where did you get that", I don't simply say, "a shop"!!

If you don't include your imports in answers then I hate you.

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    Took me way to long to understand what you are talking about.
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    Either the import statement, or at least the package/class.
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    This reminds me of the huge pain of finding the right Arduino / ESP dependencies when copypasting code :(

    (which usually ends in rewriting everything)
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    You've got to be grateful for at least found piece of example, but considering IF answerer actually put some time in scraping it.
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    import *; // ← best practices according to @TedTrippin. You’re very welcome, future me
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    @LucasLarson according to me???? Abso-bloody-lutely not!!!! At least my code would work :D
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