I am new here so apologies if I make any mistakes.

I have been a opensource contributor since last 2 years and it has been a great experience. As I am looking for a new opensource organization, I got around an organisation X(name changed). It is my first time when I don't like an opensource organization. The organization is controlled bh a single person and he does just tells me to copy the whole website of another popular opensource organization and make the organization website. Also, he does not listen about anything. He just pings me about the work done everyday even after telling him that a review is a blocker for me to do new task. I don't say it is a bay thing but don't looking at the issue is the main thing. On another case, the build pipeline was failing. It can be solved only by changing certain settings on the build pipeline and I does not have its access. I told him about how to tackle it in the review comment. Even after this, he just pings me for around a week just telling me that it has something to do with my code and the pipeline is all right.

I can understand that in the early phase, an organization may have some problems and the setup may have some flaws but this type of dictator behaviour is not good in my opinion. I had worked in 3-4 opensource organization and all have very welcoming community. I had always learned from them but this is my first time bad experience with it

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    If this experience continues and you have nothing to learn, you better leave that and join another. There are like many many places where your contributions could be better valued
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    @asgs yeah I am thinking of this. I thought I may improve the organization but my contributions but the dictatorship behaviour is a huge drawback for me. Thanks
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